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Form submission: Apply to Clan


Steam Name: ECLIPSEPB661

Why did you choose Zero Gravity Gaming?: Have played on the server a good amount of times in the past month or so and can say, it is an awesome server and an awesome group of people that are with zG. Along with the players that the server attracts, most everyone is friendly and welcoming whenever I come into the server. 

Sad to say, I have been with IRISH for almost two years, yet fell out of the game for a bit and realized so did IRISH themselves. 

Really like to be part of a solid gaming group and community. 


Glad to see you have an interested in joining the clan. I've added you on steam, so I can add you to the group. Once your in the steam group Death_Soldier's Group , you then can put tags on. You may also browse to that page and request an invite.


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